The Minds Inspired Mission

My mission is to provide the individuals I serve at Minds Inspired Counseling with a safe place to process their feelings and work through life challenges. My goal is to help individuals gain insight on how to improve their mental health by learning therapeutic skills to foster personal growth, independence, and healing.

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We'll Work Together

For your first appointment, we'll work together to do the following:

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We'll assess your needs based on your reasons for coming to counseling, as well as your past and current mental health history.

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After assessment, we'll identify your goals for counseling.

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Once your goals are identified, we'll develop a treatment plan with a selection of treatment modalities.

Hi, I'm Stephanie

As your counselor, I utilize an integrative therapeutic approach by blending techniques from complementary counseling theories. This helps provide an individualized counseling experience tailored to each person's unique needs and goals.

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